Hello there, I'm Babak...

I've been told many things throughout my life, it's been an adventure. I enjoy bringing enthusiasm and ebullience to any industry. I've been told, I have a vivd imagination that teems with ideas. I have a lightening sharp mind that demands to be utilized. Exploring all possibilities and staying open to them are part of my pragmatic nature.

Change is comfortable for me, but I like to experiment before leaping, combing a great sense of adventure with practicality. I infuse my work and relationships with joy, richness and life. I'm a builder, innovator, communicator, strategist and creative genius all wrapped up in one! ;)

I'm a visionary, recognizing themes and trends before they are discovered by others. In fact, one of my greatest gifts is revealing new and exciting approaches to your industry.  I know how to spin straw into gold, and are aware that the combination of two ingredients creates a more powerful whole than the sum of its parts. 

You may find yourself easily pulled in myriad directions. Through discipline, we will achieve inner and outer freedom. Develop the vision, set your priorities, and focus with commitment.

My enthusiasm is known to be infectious—I can sell cheese to the man on the moon! The art of persuasion is mine; I use it to inspire and lead others on new paths.